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We are launching a new Mastermind for business owners who are trying to solve the problem of growing their business and their revenue while currently feeling stuck in the weeds of keeping everything staying afloat and not knowing which specific steps to take. Over the course of this six-month mastermind, we will help you create a clear mission to tackle, a captivating message to draw a bigger audience, and a compelling SalesScript to close more customers. Our goal is to increase your revenue by 25% during the mastermind and see your revenue increase 100% over the year. Learn more about the Revenue Accelerator Mastermind at this link: The Revenue Accelerator Mastermind

Whether you’re a business owner or a director of a non-profit, we all will face seasons of stress and overwhelm as we try to grow and scale our organizations. Being a part of a mastermind is a guaranteed way to get out of that season faster and get back to finding joy in your work and success in achieving your goals. A mastermind gives you a community of people who share commonalities and are able to give feedback, insights, and encouragement that you wouldn’t find by yourself. Click on the box that applies to you and learn more about the masterminds that HaltingWinter offers to help you solve your organizational problems and headaches so you can get back to enjoying your work and life.

How often do you get to Friday and become overcome with frustration that you didn’t get what you wanted to accomplished?

In this episode of The HaltingWinter Podcast, Seth Winterhalter walks through the 5 steps to making sure you own your week and set it up for success toward the things that are most important.

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Who’s writing the story of your life? Is it you or are you letting others write your story?

In this episode of The HaltingWinter Podcast, Seth Winterhalter discusses a topic Donal Miller writes about in his book, “Hero on a Mission” on the story your life is writing. Seth looks at three things that keep us from writing our own story with intentionality and confidence.

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How many times have you stressed out thinking about how to create more balance in your life? Life shouldn’t be a high-wire walk with you anxious and worried you’re going to drop all the balls you’re juggling while you fall to your death.  On this episode of The HaltingWinter Podcast, Seth Winterhalter discusses why he thinks balance is overrated and why living with a different image in your mind when it comes to the various aspects of your life might be more helpful in keeping you intentional and inspired with your actions. 

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What’s the buzz about “Quiet Quitting” happening across workplaces? What does this say about employees and employers? Seth Winterhalter shares some thoughts and concerns about what this distorted practice reveals about a company, its leaders, its culture, and its employees.

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What do an effective executive and a conductor of an orchestra have in common? More than you might think. On this episode of The HaltingWinter Podcast, Seth Winterhalter looks at the lessons of his past as the conductor of the Capital Philharmonic Orchestra and how the lessons he learned helped him be a more effective executive in the businesses and organizations he has led. 

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In this episode of The HaltingWinter Podcast, Seth Winterhalter looks at the warning signs and effects of burnout. If you are experiencing these feelings or physical symptoms, do something about it. Talk with a friend, meet with a counselor, or schedule a call with a coach. 

We need you in the game. We need you thriving. If you’re breathing today, then your life has a purpose. I want you to not only find your purpose but tie it to your deepest passions. 

The HaltingWinter Blog

HW Blog: How You Can Help

Aug 17th, 2022

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or noticed but I’ve transitioned out of pastoral ministry and have officially launched my professional coaching and consulting company, HaltingWinter. The reality is I’m continuing to do the same work I’ve given my life to in helping people reach their peak performance in every area and aspect of their life. 

If you know me, you know I’m not very good at asking for help but I would be so encouraged and thankful if you would take five minutes to help push things forward for me in this new season and with this new endeavor. Here are four easy ways to lend a hand:

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The Biggest Help:

Write a one to three-sentence “testimonial” about how I have been a help, encouragement, or support in your life 

— This could be from my speaking, teaching, performance, insights, etc. 

— Send it to me (via email, DM on Facebook or Instagram, comment on a post, etc.)

I plan on using these “testimonials” on my website and social platforms to help new clients have an idea of how I’ve helped other people throughout my life. 

Here are a few examples to give you an idea: 

“Seth’s speaking is captivating, insightful, and relevant. I always have something to take away and apply to my life.” — Jane P.

“I felt listened to with Seth’s counseling and coaching. His insights seemed just for me, not some cookie-cutter approach.” — Rick F.

I hope you are well. If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Seth Winterhalter

HaltingWinter Coaching & Consulting