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Leading a growing company can be tiring, stressful, and overwhelming and facing realities like a global pandemic and an economic recession don’t make it any easier.

Our mission is to help you, your leaders, and your employees become an all-star team that soars higher and flies farther than you ever imagined. To ensure that result, we help you and your leaders become:

Leader Aware

Leader Prepared

Leader Engaged

Your company culture won’t become healthy and vibrant on it’s own.

Creating a flourishing company culture is like growing a garden…you must be intentional to plant, weed, and water to ensure a bountiful harvest.

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Testimonials - Hear From our Clients

“Seth’s workshop on how to create “Intentional Inspiration” was not only inspiring, it gave us concepts and tools to put in place to help raise our culture.”

— Pat, CEO Solid Waste Division

“Seth has helped me become a better leader, not just for my company but in every area of my life.”

— Jonathan, CEO Camper’s Coffee

“I came away from our one-day workshop with insights into multiple areas of my business as well as a clear mission for the future of my company.”

— Sean, CEO Audio Engineers NW

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