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Once you have clarified your deepest desires, then to turn them from dreams into reality, you must take action. 

Goals clarify your action steps. And you need a variety of goals. 

• You need big goals (to get married).

• You need small goals (meet potential spouses and go on dates).

• You need prioritized goals (you don’t plan the wedding before you go on dates).

• You need time-sensitive goals (go on four dates this month). 

• You need risky goals (ask someone out who is way above your reach). 

All kinds of goals. Not just big, general ones. Not just small, easy-to-accomplish ones. 

You need the variety of goals needed to bring that deepest desire into its full reality. 

Start with your deepest desire. That’s the end goal. 

Then reverse-engineer it, walking backward from the desired destination to your current reality. 

• Get Married

• Experience the Wedding

• Plan the Wedding

• Get Engaged

• Experience a Long-Term Committed Relationship

• Exclusively Date One Person

• Go on dates with unique people

• Find ways to meet unique people

The more detailed you get with your goals, specifically the ones you’ll need to tackle first, the more likely success will be. 

But don’t be a slave to your goals. 

Remember, your goals serve a purpose. They are not your deepest desire. They are the means to bring that deepest desire into reality. 

• Adjust them. 

• Update them. 

• And erase them, if necessary. 

Your ultimate goal is to experience that ultimate desire. 

And when you keep that ultimate desire in front of you it will give you the drive to accomplish the goals that will get you there. 


Are your current goals leading to your deepest desires?

Are your current goals fueling your furnace or has the fire died?

Do you have the right goals in front of you, all the ones necessary to actually take you from deepest desires to experienced reality?