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The HaltingWinter Blog

HW Blog: “Drive”

Jul 22nd, 2022

This is true, but only if you have specific, written goals that are tied to your own deep desires. 

Many people will “try one more time” today. 

• They’ll try to post on social media

• They’ll try to write a blog post

• They’ll try to record a podcast

• They’ll try a bit harder at work

• They’ll try to meet someone new

But we all know, because the famous 900-year-old philosopher and warrior, Master Yoda told us, “Do or do not; there is no try.” 

Trying is for those who have not done the hard work of discovering their deepest desires and then setting the big, medium, and small goals necessary to take action to bring those dreams into reality. 

The greatest motivation needed for success is clarity. Clarify what you want your life to look like. Reverse-engineer the goals that reveal the path to get there. 

Now, when you wake up every morning, remind yourself of the desires you are working to fulfill, that gorgeous painting of the life you are bringing into existence. 

Then, review your goals for the day and the week ahead that when you accomplish will take you a few more steps down the path toward that future reality. That’s all the drive you need…if you really want that dream to become a reality. 

And if that picture of your future life doesn’t motivate you then it’s not your dream. It must be someone else’s. So stop it. And start dreaming your dream. Your wants. Your desires. 

That should light a fire within you. Deep within you. It should ignite your emotions to longing. It should ignite your mind to creativity. And it should ignite your hands to do whatever is required to bring that dream into reality. 

Now drive. Slam your foot on the gas and don’t let up. Through the up and downs, through the winding curves, and through the rain, fog, or hail. Do. Not. Stop.

Do or do not; there is no try. 

Now Drive.