Welcome to the pre-launch of HaltingWinter, the personal coaching and corporate consulting company created by Seth Winterhalter. We are committed to helping you become a better person who can dream bolder in order to accomplish a bigger purpose. Over the next few weeks, we will be launching the following tools we hope will help you become better, dream bolder, and accomplish bigger.

  • The weekly Insight Report
    (Seth Winterhalter shares thoughts gleaned and lessons learned)
  • The HaltingWinter Podcast
    (Conversations and interviews to give you new insights and inspiration)
  • Personal Coaching
    (Helping you develop the whole person: body, mind, and soul)
  • Corporate Consulting
    (Helping your organization with culture, communication, confrontation, and celebration)
  • Online Tools for Assessment & Development
    (Tools to help you and your organization grow and flourish)
  • Our brand new website
    (where you’ll find all the above resources and ways to connect)
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