HaltingWinter was officially launched by Seth Winterhalter in 2022 after he spent more than two decades as a professional conductor of orchestras and choirs as well as the founder and owner of multiple organizations. As a sought-after speaker, entertainer, teacher, and consultant, Seth decided to spend the second half of his life building a team and company focused on helping individuals and organizations become better in the things that matter so that they could accomplish more than they ever thought possible. 

We excel at helping individuals reset their physical, mental, and emotional states of being. Making these a priority in one’s personal life allows greater effectiveness and enjoyability in the areas where they pour out (home, work, community, etc). We also work with leaders in high-stress situations to make sure they have someone in their corner from an outside perspective to protect them from emotional damage and burnout. 

Organizationally, we help teams become unified around vision, mission, strategy, and culture. A team that does not understand these or root their individual work to them will be a team rowing in various directions and at various speeds, pulling the boat apart and eventually sinking the ship.

Our aim is to not only keep your ship in the best condition possible but to also help you get to exactly where you chart your destination to be.